Design Anthology UK




Design Anthology UK is a triannual print magazine spotlighting the best of design, architecture, art, travel and style across Europe. As with Design Anthology, our sister publication in Asia, our first independent publishing project combines the highest production values with thought-provoking features, setting a new standard for premium design and lifestyle titles in the UK.

Design Anthology UK is published in London by Astrid Media and can be found on quality newsstands and in select venues in the UK and Europe. Each issue is put together by Astrid’s in-house team and a network of writers, photographers, editors and stylists – all bound by a commitment to creativity and candor. Far from a glossy catalogue to be discarded, Design Anthology UK is a collectible volume made by people who are passionate about print.


Issue 01

For the first issue of Design Anthology UK, we compiled a shoot of objects, ‘The new materialists’, from a wave of ethical designers who aren’t just interested in creating luxury products but in taking steps, however small, to use design as an agent for change. Some of the most thought-provoking ideas centre on new materials and biodesign – but there is also an encouraging move to use waste plastic and designers like Jamie Shaw and Weez & Merl are doing so in a striking way. Further into the issue, our first travelogue explores the Lithuanian capital Vilnius as it transforms into a mecca for art and design aficionados. Its rich cultural heritage and thriving locavore food scene are just two reasons to explore its cobbled streets and baroque buildings.

We also cover some the best of residential design in the UK and Europe, such as the enchanting Parisian flat of Christophe Poyet – one half of design duo Humbert & Poyet – and the serene interiors of a beach house north of Copenhagen by Danish firm, Norm Architects. Beyond that, we journey to the Engadine Valley in Switzerland, home to Europe’s newest contemporary art museum, Susch, tucked into the remnants of a medieval monastery founded in 1157. We visit in-demand fashion designer Edeline Lee in her East London studio and explore the architecture of a haunting disused hospital in Belgium.