Elicyon is a young design practice in West London making considerable headway in the super-prime residential market, with projects in developments like One Hyde Park and Chiltern Place. In 2017 as Elicyon’s portfolio began to swell, the directors asked Astrid Media to produce a high-quality booklet for new business pitches that would showcase the studio’s fine-tuned interiors. With only six weeks to spare, Astrid designed, wrote, project managed and printed an elegant, pared-back brochure that has proven a vital business tool for Elicyon.

What we did

The Elicyon team came armed with strong ideas about their brand and how they wanted to portray the studio. Astrid Media helped distil those ideas into engaging copy that told Elicyon’s story clearly and simply. We presented a range of options for the concept design and paper, then created and managed a tight production schedule so that words, editorial design, sign-off and printing would all happen in time for Masterpiece London.