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For decades Parkside has been a trusted tile source to the UK contract market. They help designers, architects and contractors specify contemporary porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles for every type of project – from restaurants and hotels to civic buildings and high-end homes. When acquired by Topps Group in 2017, the brand needed to reposition itself and convey the zest of a small, specialist company combined with the scale and efficiencies of a market-leading plc. As part of this, Astrid Media was brought in to do a piece of competitor research and run a structured workshop with top management. We then produced a comprehensive brand book for the wider Parkside team.

What we did

First we looked at Parkside’s primary and secondary competitors and how they conduct their businesses online and as brands. We then met the senior management team to discuss Parkside’s strengths, objectives and how they planned to achieve them. With that knowledge, Astrid then created a complete brand book with a mission statement, brand values, brand personality including tone of voice and house style guidelines, tagline options and a boilerplate.

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